November 26, 2008

Short updates

So, it's been a while i left this blog cold, since my last few posts were just like a glimpse.
And the important thing that i should remember now is I should end this "writing crap things" (mark tht with a red stabilo and bold it) immediately, cuz my duty of being a 7th- semester- procrastinator who has a dream to graduate next year barengan sama ank2 yang dimana tugas2 nya selalu udah jadi H min sehari paling mentok, dan bukan orang2 sperti saya yang selalu saja mefet nggarapnya.. . (wow, i should perpare a super tall chair to be equal with them :p)

My last jam session with my buddies didn't goes really well. my voice was like a bullcrap, and I sung like a hungry sheep. Geez.. i think it turned to be like this because i can't wisely organize my time.Made my health dropped,and harmed my voice like this.Oh it's shitty man..!
Like lately, im so addicted to Guitar hero 3. Yea,, and it's like "that thing" really sucked my times everyday from i wake up till my eyes begin to force me to shut it down cause it cant stand any longer facing those moving buttons, keep blinking on the screen. (But seriously, you should try this game, it's totally fun for ppl who take their breath with music in life. And some of my favs are Social distortion- story of my life - tier 1, slipknot - before i forget - tier 7,and eric johnson - cliffs of dover, tier 8. Yes,the last one is best.I could beat 'em in medium. Havent tried it on hard level and expert. Need extra finger to complete it, seriously... :P),,
Anyway,, so people, stop me pleasee!!

The only entertainment in my house right now is just my PC.and long time passed,it became pretty sucks. Since the TV is broken and get it fixed,I can't watch cable.So I spent my whoole time only in my room.And now Im gettin freakn' bored.I should re decoreate my room sometime.I have loads of printed photos tht still in box.Maybe i could use it later to paint the blank wall..

Ok, Maybe i should quickly choke this craps writing off.

P.S :
Btw I really hate being in this un-static, indefinitive, doubtful, and tiring relationship. I don't know what should I take,what should I do or what should I feel.It's really unclear..!Really want to move on. but those lil conversations always whizzing in my head.Damn.. sometimes I just want to point my finger to my self and laugh me out cause being this pathetic.Gosh,why I cant be so mature in this kind of thingy.. it's like i've been cursed or sumthing.haha..
I just want.. hff... .Kadang saya udah ga bisa percaya lagi dengan prinsip 'let it flow aja deh'.
Cause flowing in the same river without finding the ocean is just a total waste.Mubeeenng aja ikut aliran tanpa ngerti mo dibawa kamana..
Hey you, just tell me what you want exactly.It will be so much easier to put myself right in a certain place and can do what I should do.. and don't let me tortured myself with this sweet hell dear. hahaha
okay okay okay.. i think it will gonna be a long ass P.S if i still continuing this blahs... yaa.. I'm still on an effort to killing my sleepiness.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

And another btw is, maybe I should post something with quality in every post tht i post, than just crapping this blog around with bunch of my un important junkthoughts.Considering Im not that good at reviewing and discuss things and all of that.. but I'll still try it though.

So,smell ya later people..!

November 5, 2008

Magnetic north - Less than jake

There's been borders and there'll be boundaries
and there's been times misdirection's found me
There's been clear heads and there'll be clean slates
and times we'd find we'd pass the night away thinking
Everyone here hates everyone here
for doing the same thing that they do
Everyone here hates everyone here
for doing the same thing that they do
That, that they do
There's been new starts and there'll be no sleep
and there's been times when inspiration's found me
and there's been walls built and there's been worse days
and times we'd find we spent the night awake thinking
Everyone here hates everyone here for
doing the same thing that they do
Everyone here hates everyone here for
doing the same thing that they do
That they do
All those people they keep watching me
All those people (all those people) they hate me
All those people they watch me
All those people, yeah, just like me
And there's been borders and there'll been boundaries
And there'll be borders yeah there'll be boundaries
'Cause everyone here hates everyone here
For what they do, for what they do (OH!)
everytime i hear this tune,my spirit always goes to pumpin'...
rocks for persuing some great great future!
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