May 19, 2008

don't make yourself so hard..

"Look,in my opinion,the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you exactly what you are.Good mood,bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what-have-you .the right person is still going to think the sun shines out of your ass.tht's the kind of person tht's worth sticking with." - juno's dad

yeah,tht thing is belong in to something i die for...

May 3, 2008


I watched JUNO last nite,and this film is magnificent.i can watch it over and over again.i love the way junebug talks.
the story goes naturally well.I`m not gonna reiew that now,cause i think you should watch it by yourself,and tell me what do you think.
(hahaha bilang aja lu males nge review ndel..:P)
yeah,i`m not in a mood of writing rite now,but i just want to share my exicitement about this film.

ps: Oh ya,i've got juno's soundtrack.And most of all are oldies.Everytime i heard them,I feel like im in the 'padang rumput' with lot of cows.
sittin' under the big tree and gazing at the sky,playin harmonica and tht kind of stuff.And it's kinda relaxing i guess.tht's one of my dream moments in my life.
so,put juno on ur list then,and get ready to fall in love with junebug!

(hm..why im being really pessimist you guys will like this muvi like i do,haha yeah whatevr..:P)

May 2, 2008

moving again

yeah, I think it`s been two or three times i moved from one blog to another.I made one, never updated them then suddenly erased them.And at last (tidak tahu apakah ini merupakan faktor samakin bertambahnya usia atau bukan (ga nyambung geblek)) saya pingin punya satu saja blog yang settle,yang merupakan final dari trilogi keidupan blog2 saya terdahulu (ok,slap me!).I really hope this could be it.yeah... for a hundred times.. welcome to my personal hell,happy reading.. and don`t split at ur monitor....

anyway,this is my previous blog.. you can read it if u don`t mind.(and u can split at that blog if you want,i don`t mind!;)

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