February 14, 2009

and time would tell

I went to lekker je yesterday.And there are lots of candy stuff attached in every corner of the place .Cant stand to calmly sit and just watch the things,here are some of pics i 've taken.
tht's my sister who was trying so hard to hold her breath as long as she can,cause her camera could only produce a good photo on ISO 100 or 200 for maximum.But from her huff-ing or sigh-ing.. seemed like it didn't goes well.(Yea see,tht so true buddy. I cant did that well either,terbukti dengan hanya 5 foto aja yang sukses masuk sotosop dan kepampang disini.. :P).

Anyway,this week didn't goes so well for me itself.. my terminal emotion couldn't place myself right in a proper situation.You know what I mean? It's like feeling loads of emotion in the same time and apparently, there's "a thing" that happened in the same time tooo and made me makes some random conlusions abou that thing and it ruined everything that i was trying to build..
whoa i even confuse read my words above.. %_%
I just want to get rid of this, and maybe i should hear my friends once.
I have to quit.

They told me like hundred times... it's easy for you to tell, but lately i realized why can i make this thing easier when i know doing 'this thing' is really like pain in the ass.
arrggh ok i'll stop blahing around again and confuse you with unclear 'that thing' 'this thing' things.. (omigod stop)
just pretend tht you understand what i was trying to say.. it'll be kind.. :)
have a nice day amigos..

February 12, 2009

typical script

it's just bad timing for a quiete long pausee...........

February 6, 2009

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