August 24, 2010

When shits happen

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Mungkin sudah saatnya untuk mengalah kepada lelah.
"But honestly, in your happiness I found my happiness...."
In memoir of illegal motives,
we all know this isn't the fin. :)

August 12, 2010

Maka Tidurlah :)

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By monsterofblah at 2010-08-11

Nasihat Yang Baik
by Melancholic Bitch

Susi ingin tidur,
Susi lelah bermain seharian
Susi terlalu lelah jalan-jalan
Terlalu lelah,... maka tidurlah.
Sepotong musik untuk cemasmu
Sepotong musik untuk resahmu
Sepotong musik untuk sedihmu
Sepotong musik untuk menunggu waktu yang lelah... Maka tidurlah...
Tidurlah Susi.

August 8, 2010

On the Road Again

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"The people I meet on each flight -- they're single serving friends. Between take off and landing, we have our time together. But that's all we get." - Narrator (Fight Club)

When I don't meet an interesting single serving friend on my way to the destination Im going, I just plug my earphone to give a sign : "Don't bother me, please!" .
Long hours of sitting in the window side of the public transportation, for me it's priceless. The best time for making love, cuddling and dancing with my self..

Ps. once again, please ignore my bad english
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