December 3, 2008


have you ever felt like have billion things in ur head but when u want to blow it, then accidentally you cant! and it became pretty lame when you pushed yourself so hard to keep it spoken still??
Im sure you have,right..?right...?right...??
Saya pas banget lagi dalam keadaan kayak gitu.sumpah aja.. and it feels so friggin terrible.
.............. ,,, .................. ,,, ................
geez.. what the hell am I suppose to writee anyway??
no point at all!

I'll close this crap with some tunages that haunted my playlist lately!
1. The Album leaf - Broken Arrow
2. Mattias IA Eklundh - Father
3. Slipknot - before I forget
4. weezer - dreamin
5. Coldplay - lovers in japan
6. Jason mraz - lucky
7. Sigur ros - Inn Í Mér Syngur Vitleysingur
8. Less than jake - Gainesville Rock City
9. Eric johnson - cliffs of dover
10. Sigur ros - Suð í eyrum
11. Foo fighter - the best of you

bold means repeat play mode on,,

Later then amigo..

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