June 1, 2008

then we'll talk about leaving town

just have a trisum trippin' on wednesday afternoon in these last 2 weeks after doing my KP (voulenteer job at HRC),
where will be our next destination this wednesday folxy?

roger that!

your wish is my command madam,i'm seriously won't become a tourist. i'm so ready to be a traveler.and yes when the time's come,i'll leave this town very soon... and come back with a cracking smile upon my face...
(Dedicated for ms.Arif - the architecture traveler who is so good at framing architectural perspective with her sense of 'seeing' in every picture tht she captured)


uthie said...

ndi kuwi ndel?
code? hmmmm..

monsterofblah said...

he eh... ;nodding nodding:

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