June 4, 2008

another morning glory story

So,here I am,sitting in my studio class,dengan mata sayu,badan bau,baju gak ganti,dan dompet yang senantiasa tipis(???),waitng patiently for my beloved lecture Mr.Arman to come and greeting us with his best smile in all over universe.(i mean it,really)

Last nite i slept over in nanda's place for doing my finale studio assignment,and finally found a super great dopping named kratingdaeng (hahha o yeah,im totally late),i realized black coffee's havent had any effects anymore.it became so lame and doesnt strong enough to keep my eyes stay open till the time I have to give those shitty things to my God damn lecture (and incredibly,it always happened in the last minutes).

WHY in the moment when i became so freakn' seriously pay loads of attention in this stuff,it always ended up with the worthless effort like this????

I came soo fvckn early this morning,just bermodal a solid,unfinished 3d model,without other architectural craps like section,floor plan and stuff.But Hey but im fully prepred my self so well today.and till this 11 am,his face doesn't even show up....man,it's like i lost my last chance to get wonka's golden ticket.and it's awful...
my plan was like,when today's over,i wouldn't face this shits anymore.but it seems fairness is still stood up for the slacker and lazy bastardos like me.hahaha.So here it is my fate continued.... :P

anyhow,my dad come back today.i feel delighted.But damn, I forgot to redraw something like 'building..hm.. i don't know wht actually' tht my father asked me before he left.And it haven't been finished yet.
So here it go another disaster waits me...

And how u doin my stucture assignment?
Yeah.. under construction still.
I knew the deadline is june 9 (or it's like next monday anyway).but I still don't have desire to do it.maybe someday.. haha (dunno exactly when 'someday' really is.:P)

talk soon bloggy...

1 comment:

uthie said...

heh? tnan kowe ngombe kratingdaeng ndel?
*tertawa dgn sepenuh jiwa dan raga*

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