May 10, 2010


In the kitchen Ulrik heard his mom and dad were having an argument.

' I don't know why!! Mr. Troll was saying. 'I just didn't get the job.'
' But they must have given you a reason,' said Mrs. Troll. 'I bet you you roared at therm, didn't you? I warned you about that!'
' I did not!' protested Mr. Troll. 'I only roared once. Twice at the most.'
Mrs. Troll sighed. 'Did you remember to be confident, like I said?'
' I had confidence coming out of my ears,' declared Mr. Troll. ' I even put my feet on her desk.'
' Oh, Eggy, you didn't!'
' What's wrong with that?' demanded Mr. Troll.
' You should have asked her first. Maybe she wanted to put her feet on the desk!'
' Oh, for bogles sake!'

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elephantstone said...

haiyah diwoco toh :))

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