July 26, 2008

Cat and dog

Since I became so lonely everytime i back home,I desperately want to have pet again.After my last cat died months ago,i considered not having some pets again around my house.
last night,my friend mitta promised me to give her baby kitten.That was great offer so far. Since my friend amrix hasn't given me any news about her project 'ngawinin kucing pasar sama kuscing persia dengan harapan anknya bakal jadi belasteran yang sangat oke' yang lately ditemukan kenyataan bahwa the persian cat amazingly was a fag cat. (homo)

Actually i secretely wants to pet a dog.Big fat dog like eun chan's ahjussi's dog in coffee prince serial.but yea.. tehre's a strict rule in my house about having a dog.hate tht much.
huahh.. maybe i'll have one when i've been somewhere out there someday.......

oh ya just try to listen anyway by telepopmusik.it's awesome... ;).

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