July 17, 2008

good bye my donkey * :'(

Leptop saya hilang.
Iya my fake mac is gone, hilang, Lost, missing or what so ever the name.

agh,and now im too depressed to say any words or blow something up...:'(
sometimes it still feels so unreal,and my heart is really not good about it.
i feel fvckn upset!
I know,there would be some purposes or something behind this lost..
i'm surely does,..
But i try super hard to take this easily..
yea,I've been through so many kind of loss..
and i know,i should be okay facing this, no matter what..

but....oh....,i put like loads of treasures in there,my works, my mp3s, my .......... !
im sure you absolutly know how it feels if you lost something that u care the most don't you?
geez,i have to stop this mourning syndrome!

so my first lesson tht i figured out is : BACK UP DATA is fataly a MUST!
* (donkey : my leptop. red)


i.am.an.angel said...

bhuahauhauahuahau... biar dirimu ga ngga nyoong empitri lagi kali nduk :D

i.am.an.angel said...


monsterofblah said...

is this karma or something???

Uthie said...

kok isa ilang ndel?

monsterofblah said...

ceritanya panjang thi..
hehe (pdhal sakjane males nek kon ngulang ceritone.panjang soale kronologisny.. )
bsuk aj via cangkem neng kampus.. he ^^v

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