July 12, 2008


So lastnight i hanged out with couple of friends at a very great place to 'thethek' (nongkrong in javanese),we chatted and laughed and talked about social shits in college ,and secretly discovered so many things tht we never knew before.haha and it was fun.
Didn't realize my friend has already eaten up bunch of cigarettes.Then suddenly i took one of his, and asked him to burn it.And i was acted freakishly 'pekok'.
Yes,Im not a smoker. And i wasn't acting to be a poser. I just wanna taste one full cigarette at that moment. (my first experience is when i was in first grade on hi school,i can only smoked about a half cigar,hahaha..yea pretty lame)

So then i smokeed...


like a noisy boiling kettle (cuz i looked like an idiotic newbie, coughed all the time and they kept laughing me out ... geez,shut your freakn gob mates :P!)

it tasted pretty odd!
And till now im still couldn't understand whre's the pleassure of smokin cigar.
So im still straight on being a 'non smoking person'...
(or you can call me weirdo or geek or anything i dont mind..)

wht a weird day ever!

photo by : muzka.deviantart.com

1 comment:

Uthie said...

enak ga ndel?
aku suka heran sm orang-orang, apa sih enaknya ngerokok?

sebagai perokok pasif aja, aku udah ngerasa ga sreg dan mual-mual pengen muntah pas asap rokok melintas di depan mata. apalagi kalo jadi perokok?

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