September 26, 2008

the un official reunion

Today's trip short story:
Finally we (me, amrix and penjol) succeedly went to Boko temple . After every plans tht we've planned always ended up with 'wacana belaka yang tak kunjung terealisasi'.
We started from my house around 3pm. (which our plan was 1 pm :P). We took lotta sluurpy pictures and we satisfied enough with the results,fully thanked for the perfect sky today x).Here are some of those..

(Huff,i've got trouble arranging these photos)

Yea, it's been a long time we haven't had fun together cause of our daily shits.When we were on our way back to town,suddenly name one of our hischool classmate poped out of our mind.his name is Ary.So amrx tried to reached him by phone.And he agreed to join with us.We decided to met at warung bu santi and then go potobox-ing after all.Finally, because i haven't scanned it yet, these are the other version taken by amrx's camera.we borrowed the good lighting and the solid background from studio.haha,, and it's quiete weird pose i guess... :P

Ps : Saya baru aj nge set in Ym buat bapak saya.And it was kinda weird had a chat with my father across the wall. hahahhaa *lol

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Oom koko said...

fotone apik muk modelE hahaaayyy

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