October 1, 2008

one day in my momma's lil hometown

So now here I'am in my momma's litte home town Ngawi (which is yang baru saya ketahui bahwa ngawi adalah kota melon :p).Panaas nya ampun2an dah.. desperately fvckn HOT! aura kasih aj kalah..
anyway.. di tempet adek spupu udah dipasang speedy ni.So i can still in touch with the world.Yippie KAyye!
it's about 2.14 in the morning,dan kira2 3 jam lagi saya udah harus siap2 buat solat ied.keknya saya bakal pindah aja t4 tidur ke Alun alun!*sigh*
2.20 am,still couldn't sleep.And I'm totally jobless here.I texted anyone with anything tht poped in mind. But fuck with the connection!mostly some of my message stays pending.I always hate cellphone networks during the Ied's day!it become pretty sucks...
2.26 am
It's like my tummy is craving something that i can bite and chew.. so im just like to find something to eat!
happy ied's day amigo..!

Couple days ago when I was walking down the road from my house to the mosque at 1 am with my mother,I was gazing at the sky and accidentaly freezed by very beautiful star corps above.
and I know it's just a lil' piece of God's creation..

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