October 20, 2008

Let's play

I've postponed my survey for my studio class schedule until tomorrow morning cause of my poor health.
and it's like i couldn't sleep and gettin' more and more insane cause feelin' this pain. And this uncomfortable dry air increase my boredom since i have to stay only right here in my crib! And I have to drink a lot more mineral water since then.. ( i hate mineral water taste in my bitter tounge)
There's gonna be few posts soon, in the mean time here we go..let's play tag

I’m passionate about…

- watch directly the whole world with my own eyes someday..
- join amazin race asia competition with my friend alfina (yeah, this have been our biggest dream since about when we were in high school )
- destroy my procrastinating habbit
- having a cadillac tattoo in my back neck (impossible sekali sepertinya)
- animal animal animaall.. !

Mostly I say…


I've just finished reading…
- sort of interior magazines for my interior design task (i have to make a lounge bar which is lil bit difficult since i'm rarely put my ass on the bar's chair!)
- an indonesian hillariously freakin' cute comic book named si bundel

I love listening to…
irish folk instrument, heart beating, suara gesekan 'cassette case' ketika di dikumpulkan menjadi satu di dalam box.

What my friends like about me…
yang pasti bukan karena saya yang rajin, dermawan, ga pelupa dan cinta kebersihan.. lol

Last year I've learned…
- chance to have second chance bisa di ukur dengan rasio 1 : 1000. (so don't ever EVER waste ur chance!)
- failure could come not only once!
- Take care of your loved ones.
- menjadi baik sama sekali tidak akan pernah merugikan.walaupun keuntungan yang didapat tidak seperti apa yang kita perjuangkan.

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