December 17, 2010


song by : Mew

I'm caught in the symmetry of your mind

But i'm not happier than you

Did I really see you or was it a dream?

Dreaming that it was seamless, not a trace of wrong

Wrong words that we have spoken

Little did we know.

No bigotry, No tears shed

Oh if only you'd try to be polite

thinking you were right

only to find that you're unkind

But my words are frail not audible

They do not even convince me

Perhaps they are untrue

Truly with you the worst is always true

I gave you all the benefits of all the doubts

I had never hoped to be as benign as me

Funny how you always get through

But ironically you will always be belle of the ball

at least to me

Ps: been too much listening to this song lately after it was played repeteadly on uung's car week ago. one good song from mew :)

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